Ichikawa Danjūrō

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市川団十郎 いちかわだんじゅうろう



A line of kabuki actors based in Edo/Tokyo. The first Danjūrō took the name in 1675 (although the common spelling wasn't introduced until 1693), and it eventually became the most recognizable and representative actor name in kabuki. Danjūrō I originated aragoto acting, which became a hallmark of the Danjūrō acting style. The most famous successors to Danjūrō I were Danjūrō II, IV, V, VII, and IX. The regular crest used by the Danjūrō line is called mimasu (three squares; the squares are in graduated sizes and designed such that each one is inside the next biggest.) The yago is Naritaya.

Danjūrō I

Lived from 1660-1704. Known as Danjūrō from 1675-1704.

Danjūrō II

Lived from 1688-1758. Known as Danjūrō from 1704-1735.

Danjūrō III

Lived from 1721-1742. Known as Danjūrō from 1735-1742.

Danjūrō IV

Lived from 1711-1778. Known as Danjūrō from 1754-1770.

Danjūrō V

Lived from 1741-1806. Known as Danjūrō from 1770-1791.

Danjūrō VI

Lived from 1778-1799. Known as Danjūrō from 1791-1799.

Danjūrō VII

Lived from 1791-1859. Known as Danjūrō from 1800-1832.

Danjūrō VIII

Lived from 1823-1854. Known as Danjūrō from 1832-1854.

Danjūrō IX

Lived from 1838-1903. Known as Danjūrō from 1874-1903.

Danjūrō X

Lived from 1882-1956. Posthumously given the Danjūrō name in 1962.

Danjūrō XI

Lived from 1909-1965. Known as Danjūrō from 1962-1965.

Danjūrō XII

Lived from 1946-2013. Known as Danjūrō from 1985-2013.