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あたごくうや 愛宕空也 



Alternate name: Atago 愛宕. (Priest Kūya at Atago). A fifth-category demon play by Kanze Kojirō Nobumitsu 観世小次郎信光 (1435-1516).


Category: Two act Demon play


==Shite: old man

==Nochi-jite: Dragon King

==Waki: Priest Kūya

Setting: Kyoto, Mt. Atago

Props: A paper scroll


The waki, a traveling priest called Kūya, visits Mt. Atago. While he is preaching, an old man appears and asks Priest Kūya for the Shari – relic of the Buddha – to help cure his three sufferings. The old man reveals that he is the Dragon King who lives in Mt. Atago. The Dragon King informs Priest Kūya that the Buddhist Shari is hidden in the scroll of Buddhist scripture. They find the Shari in the scroll and the grateful Dragon King grants Priest Kūya a wish. The priest asks that water be brought to this mountain so that residents of the mountain do not have to go afar for fresh water. After the kyōgen interlude, the Dragon God keeps his promise by breaking up a big boulder, whereby water gushes out. The Dragon God then disappears into the faraway valley.